About us

About us

weißer Unterstrich für Überschrift

We are the Aschauer Family

Our slogan is: “If everyone does their part, you can do anything” That means: We are a family business and everyone helps in a variety of areas. We live on a farm in Schönau am Königssee and, in addition to running a carpentry business, we also run organic farming on our own farm and provide guest accommodation. Because of love for our home, we also put our free time into farming at our mountain inn, called Vorderbrand. In Berchtesgaden there are many beautiful places to discover and a very special one has now been created for you: ‘The Almdorf Vorderbrand’


Planned and implemented by Wolfgang Aschauer with his family and other companies exclusively from Berchtesgaden!

Almdorf Vorderbrand - Über Uns

and that's Hubsi

He is also known as “The Mountain Distiller”. He will be your contact person. Hubert is very familiar with the Almdorf Vorderbrand and the mountains in Berchtesgaden. He will also be happy to advise you on the selection of our fine spirits.

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