Arrival by car

weißer Unterstrich für Überschrift

We are reached in two ways:

  1. Salzbergstraße and Scharitzkehlstraße
  2. Vorderbrandstraße

"The Almdorf Vorderbrand is located on a mountain - 1075m above sea level."

We recommend arriving via Obersalzbergstrasse. The federal highway is wider and well cleared in winter.

...... and additionally

Above 1000 m above sea level you are on a first-name basis ;D

Schiefertafel "Schee, dass ihr do seits"

Before arrival to the Almdorf Vorderbrand

weißer Unterstrich für Überschrift

Please let’s know the time you reach us. It’s best to call us two hours before you arrive at Almdorf Vorderbrand or write a message on our Almdorf Vorderbrand smartphone.

"I want to go there"