Bildmotiv: Altes schwarz weiß Bild der Familie Beer
-There you can see Muckl with Traudl, little Gertraud on the lap and die Kathl in the background -
Bildmotiv: schwarz weiß Aufnahme von Katharina Beer
- Die Kathl, die Gute Seele des Hauses -

We have made it our mission to include a bit of history

weißer Unterstrich für Überschrift

We named the Chalets like the first names of the previous owners of the inn “Gasthof Vorderbrand”. The Beer family ran the inn for three generations till our family bought it.

In order to reflect a bit of the history of the house, we named our Chalets after their first names. The grandparents were called Walburga and Franz! They were first tenants of the inn! They had 3 children named: Katharina, Nepomuk and Joseph. Only Nepomuk married his Gertraud. Eventually they had 2 children, who were traditionally given their parents’ names. Nepomuk and Gertraud. The sport of luge began at the Vorderbrand. The Beer’s were also enthusiastic tobogganers. The children even took part in the German championships. However, due to a very domineering father, it was very difficult for the children to find the right partner. So both of them remained alone.


The Vorderbrand with its almost 7 hectares was first mentioned by name in 1454 as ‘Obm Prant’. At that time the farmer was called Jörg Maurär. The name Vorderbrand was only in use since the beginning of the 19th century. The Vorderbrand -Farm is located at 1072 m above sea level. The Farm is located in Faselsberg, a district of the former municipality of Königssee. In the last century, the owners changed frequently, starting with Gottfried Hallinger, who converted the mountain farm into a restaurant around the turn of the century to accommodate the increasing tourism in Berchtesgaden. Guest rooms were also added.

Around 1920 ownership changed to the Isenberg family. An industrialist from the north who made his summer home in the mountains. However, he continued to enjoy tourism and agriculture and invested. So the Farm became larger. He built himself a luxurious apartment with an open fireplace for the time. It was called the master’s room. He also leased the farm and the restaurant to Walburga and Joseph Beer. A mountaineering camp was also set up and offered space for 30 people. After the war was over, the tenant family took over the buildings restored by the Isenberg family around 1950 and continued to operate the restaurant and accommodation. They built a hall and were then able to host larger events. Skiing and tobogganing were at home in Vorderbrand, and the Beer family was also enthusiastic about sports. Gertraud and Nepomuck Beer were German toboggan champions. When the toboggan run was built on the Vorderbrand, it became a popular destination on winter weekends. The guests could also be driven into the valley on the sleigh. This can be proven by a wooden advertising board in the restaurant. The Beer family’s children did not find the right partners and remained childless. Therefore the inheritance could not be passed on. The last direct family member, Gertraud Beer, died in 1997. The community of heirs initially leased the property and sold it to the Aschauer family in 2002. The local family, which has several mainstays (crafts, guest accommodation, agriculture) modernized the restaurant as much as possible. Starting with the redesign of the outdoor area through to the renovation of the sanitary facilities. The large hall was also redesigned. In addition, the heating system was converted to renewable building materials and the chapel was repaired. The associated field box was converted into a holiday apartment and a basement was added. Agriculture was reactivated and the grazing rights covering over 100 hectares on the adjacent mountain “Jenner” were also used again. After a 4-year planning and approval phase, the first Almdorf – Chalet Village in Berchtesgaden will open in 2021.

Bildmotiv: Altes Bild des Vorderbrands
Almdorf Vorderbrand - Rezeption
An old racing sleigh is in the reception
Bildmotiv: Vorderband vor dem Umbau im Winter