Traditional festivals around the Almdorf Vorderbrand

Maypole festival

Takes place on a weekend in May. As soon as an appointment is made, a date will be added.

May devotion

The may devotion always takes place on the last Tuesday in May at the small Vorderbrand chapel.


7:00 p.m.

Church consecration

The church consecration always takes place on the Sunday before Mary's name. Maria's name is always on September 12th. So the church consecration at our little chapel is on:


11:00 o’clock

Almabtrieb - Bringing cows from the alpine meadows to the valley

The cows are often beautifully decorated. The mountain farmers themselves choose a date when they will bring the cows home. Weekends with nice/dry weather are common..

End of september SA/SO

Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus

On December 5th and 6th, Santa Claus and his helper called "Krampus" come to the Berchtesgaden valley basin. They move from house to house. On December 5th he visits the Almdorf Vorderbrand and the mountain inn "Gasthof Vorderbrand".


Christkindl'- Schießen

The tradition of the association “Weihnachtsschützen Königssee” is to shoot with their firecrackers on the 4th Sunday in Advent.


15:00 Uhr

New Year's Eve and new year's day

There is a delicious menu at our restaurant "Gasthof Vorderbrand on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Be sure to reserve.

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